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The New Panini UEFA 2016 collection from Interkiosk is now available!!

We have now available one more unique collection from Panini! The most eagerly awaited football event of the year, the European Football Championships of 2016, is reflected in the new Panini collection. The collection contains all the top European teams fighting for the precious Cup.

Make new sales with the new ultimate football fans collection!

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…..….The new Panini collection… by Interkiosk!!

Boost your sales with the ultimate collection that every football fan must get!!!
The fans and the collection collectors will have the opportunity to play among themselves and create a unique oversized album. This album for the first time is a global football encyclopedia that will contain in addition and stats from the global football stage.

The new Panini collection will be advertised on TV and will get a strong presence in social media. At the same time it will run a competition with 810 GIFTS that will be drawn in 3 phases.

Available in 2 types.

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Frozen. The successful animated film of all times from Disney. Now available in a collector’s Album!!!
The movie was based on the fairy tale “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen and won the two Oscar categories of the best animated film and the most original song. It was considered from the critics as the best Disney musical animated movie. nterkiosk brings to our young friends a unique collectors Album of 32 pages (which include an insert) with 192 stickers to fill in. (160 paper, 16 Glitter, and 16 Silver & Glitter)

The Album which our young friends chase it everywhere!!

Interkiosk scored with Panini UEFA Champions League collection for Fans and collectors!!!
Fans and collectors, managed to find within the collection the best European teams and global players by trading between them the Panini stickers.
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Panini Superleague Greecr 2014-15!!!
An historical collection from Panini Stickers. The Album had 48 pages and with 466 stickers (where 40 were made of special material) included the 18 teams of Superleague.

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New collectible game series Jurassic Eggs !!!
Interkiosk, taking into account the market trends as well as the needs of our young friends, provides to its clients the ability to offer quality, creative and non-mainstream toys. The new
series for collectors, named Jurassic Eggs, is exclusively distributed by Interkiosk and includes twelve different items (three of them are phosphoresce). Jurassic Eggs are designed by the
Italian Geologist-Paleontologist Dr. Stefano Piccini and are addressed to children of 6-10 years age. The new collector series Jurassic Eggs distributed exclusively by Interkiosk consists
of 12 species, of which 3 glow. A strip of seven spots is available for easy installation at any spot of the store.

For customers searching for something different !!

Interkiosk for crazy taws
Interkiosk offers to your business the “Crazy taws”. When speaking of taws one image comes in mind: The transparent vase full of taws at the front desk of the neighborhood local store. Kids of every age adore these shiny colorful taws! Collections, trades and endless hours of fun and play! What if times have changed? Playing with taws is a favorite and entertaining habit! The nearby local store is the first place that someone will look for buying them!

How can someone play with taws?
The players draw a triangle on the ground and each one places inside the triangle two or three of his/hers taws. In a distance of 4-5 meters a stone is placed that is called “bastakas” – the watcher. The players throw their taws towards the watcher. The player that gets his/her taw nearer to the stone is the first to play. The player uses his/her thumb for throwing the taw aiming at the triangle and the gathered taws within its limits having as purpose to drive away of the limits as many taws as he/she can by a hit. If the players do not manage to win any taws and his/her taw stays inside the triangle, the next one starts to play. If during the try the player manages to hit the taw of the previous player and drive it away from the triangle then he/she also gains the taws that the other player has collected. What do you think? Shall we play?

To B or not to B? For a business always in fashion… Modern rings collections from Interkiosk!!!
Interkiosk brings the most fashionable and quality rings that will make our little girl friends go crazy when visiting your shop! Because local shops stay never out of fashion!


The girls who are looking for a care free but neat style and the “heavy” jewels do not belong to their daily dressing habits, will love the “Uno” collection: Lucky clover, flower of friendship, lucky kitty, heart of love, Success jewel, piggy of happiness all coming in different colors and are the 24 parts of this collection.

If the little ladies prefer a more glamorous style and they want to be always in fashion the “Excellent” collection is the one for them! Diamond heart, Four-leaf clover, ocean drop, garden of feelings, dragonfly and summer butterfly in 24 different color variations. These rings will become part of their daily appearance.

And for our little designers that they do not only want to wear but they also like to design their jewels, Brillantina organizes competitions of creativity. The winner will have the opportunity to see her creation at the fingers of all her stylish friends.

The rings are available either in a strip which includes seven units or in package of 25 units available for easy installation at any spot of the store.

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Οlympia magic light!
Kids Teens but adults need a little magic light!!!Wherever you are at party, a concert, a sporting events or in night walks – these colorful sticks, bracelets and swords push up your
fun! No need for batteries or any other power supply. Just bend and shake them and you’ll activate the light.

A light that last for hours!!!

For more information and orders please contact us by phone (+30 210 6690500) or by email (

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