Communication Services

Dematerialized transactions

At the points of sale, a free POS terminal is provided, where airtime top-up cards are printed for:

  • Fixed and mobile telephony
  • Internet data renewal
  • Prepaid cards

The cards are in an e-voucher form, meaning that the airtime top-up code that is given to the final recipient is printed on a receipt from the POS terminal.

How it works:


From the terminals you can print:

Top-up cards for all mobile networks:

  • Cosmote
  • Vodafone
  • Wind
  • Frog
  • Q
  • Taza mobile

Top-up cards for fixed telephony:

  • Chronokarta
  • Allo (OTE)
  • Ya (Wind)
  • Face
  • Smartalk (Forthnet)
  • Asia call
  • Forever real – forever world
  • Star

Internet top-up cards:

  • Netkey (Forthnet)
  • Internet on the go (Cosmote)
  • Wind Mobile Broadband
  • Vodafone Internet

As well as, PaySafe prepaid cards, for safe internet transactions.


Through our collaboration with one of the largest, terminal providers on the market, Payzone Hellas, two types of terminal are available:

  • Wired: connected to the fixed connection line
  • Wireless: functioning with a sim card and via mobile networks

Data calls do not impose telecommunication charges on the partners.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Fast card printing due to the On line connection/communication
  • Printing of daily and weekly income
  • Immediate availability of all cards, 365 days per year
  • Complete control over the sales
  • No Logistics (Storage-distribution)


  • Free of charge, technical support daily (08.00-20.00) / Weekends and holidays (09.00-17.00), tel. 210 77.62.111
  • Free printing paper
  • Free ATM card for facilitation of the invoice payment
  • Free invoice mailing
  • Ability of online invoice mailing