ARGOS NET S.A. with the distinctive title INTERKIOSK was established in September 2000 and is a subsidiary and also a commercial branch of ARGOS S.A. the biggest distribution centre for national and foreign press in Greece.

Our company initially developed the airtime top-up service (fixed and mobile) with a physical product in 2009 and by following the developments of the market, moved on to airtime top-up service through POS systems. At the same time, in application of Law no. 3783/2009 (Government Gazette issue A. Sheet No. 136/7 August 2009) the company proceeded to the identification and pre-identification of prepaid connection packs, a field in which it is considered a pioneer.

INTERKIOSK is committed to provide:

  • A high level of services
  • Professional support
  • Effective communication
  • Valid information
  • Reliability and accountability

Having a network of clients throughout Greece, the support of the press distribution net of ARGOS S.A. and by daily putting our motto “Everyday by your side!” into action, our company’s aim is to expand its activities to new and dynamically growing markets by providing more advantages and profits to its clients.