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Jake candies with Vitamin C – Sugar Free – Gluten free


Exclusively by Interkiosk !!!
Jake Vitamincandy Came are now available in Greece ®. The only candy which offer enjoyment and well-being without any guilt since it combines freshness and explosive fruit -flavor while providing the required amount of Vitamin C.

Give your customers the opportunity to enjoy a fresh breath every moment of the day. It is also ideal for those who follow a healthy diet since it doesn’t contain any gluten, sugar or aspartame.

Daily enjoyment! Daily benefits! In a Unique price!

In 4 distinguish- explosive flavors Raspberry – Mandarin – Peach – Grape!

Win the sales!!! Expand your products variety now to support the new trend for a healthy lifestyle!!!

Ιnterkiosk brings for your customers a delicious refreshing and at the same time healthy drink that supports their healthy lifestyle!

Aleo vera drinks are made of lots of Aloe Vera pulp, which is full of proteins,calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A, B12 and E, and is naturally rich with Vitamin C, amino acids, enzymes.

And of course, it doesn’t contain any preservatives and artificial coloring.
Feeling thirsty? Quench your thirst with delicious and healthy Aleo drinks!

Available now from Interkiosk in two delicious flavors:

 Green tea with Lemon or

 Strawberry

Greek! Natural! And Delicious! Juice POMEGRANATE from Interkiosk !!!
Intekiosk started the distribution of the pomegranate natural juice. Pomegranate juice is produced by the “Agricultural Cooperative Producers of Agios Athanasios -Drama ” and is 100% natural. It contains potassium, folic acid and vitamin K, vitamins which help the immune system to be in a normal working condition.
Excellent quality! At an unbelievable price! Only for our customers!

The famous Viennese wafer now from Interkiosk!
In Vienna for over 110 years they produce the original, incomparably more Yammi than the others… The Manner wafers. Now you can find them in Interkiosk in two unique flavors that will make you be different from the competition: Lemon and the favorable hazelnut praline!

Delicacies with tradition…. Appearance Greece !!!
The Greek breadsticks «Street Greek Snacks” of Tsavos bread industry are exclusively available from Interkiosk.

The breadsticks are produced with high quality natural ingredients. There is a healthy snack solution for all ages at any time of the day.

Available in three flavors:

  • The unique Mastic & Honey
  • classic of wholegrain and
  • the famous Cheese

Be cool ….from Interkiosk – Win the sales!!!
Interkiosk expands the variety of its products by adding 8 new ones. These innovative products, offer a top quality, give a boost of energy to human organism and quench the thirst.

Iced Tea, Beverages, tasteful cranberries juice, tea with taste of fruits, cool mineral water are now available in order for you to win the sales and quenching yours and your customers thirst!

Green Iced Tea Arizona
Without preservatives or artificial flavors only with 100% natural ingredients gives a boost of energy.

Put in the fridge and get ready to indulge the new flavor of ARIZONA drinks!

Arizona juices
The variety of Αrizona filling now with Arizona juices

Charlie’s beverages
Refreshing and made with real fruit and less sugar. Real fruit, real bubbles, real simple!

Little miracles Iced Tea
Ginseng and fruits are combined with three different blends of tea (white, black & green) and create a unique taste without sugar. Contain vitamins and Acai sweetener.

Ocean spray cranberry
Fresh cranberries juice, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Active O2
Natural mineral water, straight from the Bavarian Alps, which is oxygen enriched. Available in three different flavors: lemon, kiwi-apple and orange.

Haribo Jellies – from the initial drawing to the finished product…Now new flavors from Interkiosk!
At the start of every HARIBO jelly, there is a creative idea from a product designer. And this is initially all hand made. Every innovation in the HARIBO product range is first put into paper by hand in the form of a sketch. HARIBO sets high benchmarks when it comes to the ingredients used for its products. Only absolutely perfect raw materials are used to manufacture HARIBO products.
Νow available from Interkiosk the following new flavors:


Μake the Difference from your Competitors and Increase your Sales!!!

From the movie Charlie and the Chocolate factory unique candies for children!
«Wonka Nerds» candies became very popular to the children after the success of the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Wonka candies are available in a big variety of flavors and different packages.
………………Be different ………. With Nerds!!!!!!!!!!!

Lifesavers: The best-known American candies, now in Interkiosk!
Life savers candies created a timeless tradition since 1912 by combining unique flavors with a distinctive shape.
Interkiosk helps you expand your product variety and offers you a packaging with wild cherry or 5 flavors!!!

Jelly Bean: A candy that will enrich my collection!!!
Interkiosk offers you 3 unique flavors of Jelly Bean (a mix of various flavors, sweet hearts, sweet and sour) in exceptional value in order to help you expand your products range!!!
Jelly Bean a product that everyone loves in a very competitive price!!!

Interkiosk provides you a powerful sales solution for your shop!
The schools reopened and our young friends looking for sweets after their summer holidays!!! Interkisok present you Sugabee products which offer a combination of unique flavors within an innovative package presentation.
Together form a powerful package solution that WINS!!!

ΑDAMS Are Back!!! The older ones loved it and the younger ones will adore it…
A nostalgic flavor from the old times’ sake came back and was added in Interkiosk gums selection. Chiclet’s Adams are now available in two flavors mint or fruits always giving most of their distinctive taste.
……….Watch your sales take off !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Premium Gourmet potato chips suitable for vegetarians, now from Interkiosk!
KETTLE chips are handmade. They are fried in the traditional way by hand, in pure sunflower oil in small batches from 100% pure ingredients, without additives, colors or preservatives. A wonderful combination of tastes!

The flavors such as red onion, sweet chili, sea salt or sea salt black pepper are available in packs of 150g, while the unique tortilla nachos flavor comes in a pack 160gr.
The new flavors of black pepper, sea salt and honey BBQ are available in 40 gr packs.

Build your collection with exquisite handmade crisps and let your customers to choose the package that suits their needs!!!!!

Unique chocolates from Interkiosk!

Hershey Company is one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the North America with a history of a 150 years old. The famous NUTRAGEOUS brand consists of crispy roasted peanuts, smooth rich caramel and the distinctive flavor of butter pistachios of Reese. These ingredients create a mix of taste that makes this chocolate unique in its kind!!!

Make the difference!!! The “must” …. that will boost your sales!!!!

Cadbury: Enjoy the various flavors of British chocolates!!!
In 1824, John Cadbury began to sell but also to serving cocoa in a small grocery store in Birmingham of Britain, with the first bar of chocolate to be produced by him, in 1847.

In various flavors: milk, crunchy, candy, fruit or fruit with nuts.
Build the perfect collection and win in sales !!!

Milka, Swiss chocolate with Alpine milk. The original!!!
In 1825 the Swiss Chocolatier established a confectionery store in Neuchâtel, where he was selling handmade sweets. Soon, in 1890, the manufacture established as main ingredient the Alpine milk and cocoa, creating the famous Milka Alpine milk, in various flavors such as with hazelnuts, raisins and walnuts, yogurt or cream caramel.

Interkiosk renews its collection and adds 2 new products for you!!!



The clients look for it!!! You offer it to them!!!

A sweet proposal by Interkiosk
Cereal snaps with oatmeal and honey. The ultimate healthy snack for your customers. Place the 12-pack next to your checkout and watch your number of sales increasing.

Interkiosk has started collaboration with DERMISSIS EPE which is active in the Greek market for the last 125 years and is “fresher” than ever! Every packet includes three snaps!

Don’t miss them!

Interkiosk supports the Greek production and collaborates with “Kriton Artos”!
Kriton Artos is a modern production unit of traditional Cretan products such as baked snacks and pastries. It’s based on Cretan Mediterranean nutrition habits. The company uses 100% natural raw materials, whole whole meal flour and extra virgin olive oil of the Cretan variety. Interkiosk supplies featured items with variety of products produced by the Cretan Bread, like, mini breadsticks “Mikio” in five different flavors (with fig filling, with leek and stamnagathi, with sundried tomato, olive oil and oregano, or with feta and graviera), Sunrise and wholemeal flour, olive oil biscuits, Cretan rusks e.t.c.

Create a unique collection of traditional products that will make you look different to your customers!!!

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