Frequently Asked Questions

Interkiosk lists 8 helpful tips for using your terminal:

What action should I take if…

  1. I want to learn about my invoice?
    I contact the salesman who is in charge of my area, in order to demonstrate the process of clearing so as I can print it from my POS terminal:
    ➡ Main menu ➡ MAIN (click) ➡ REPORTS (click) scroll down using keyboard until reaching the next screen that shows the only option ➡ CLEARING (click) ➡ The receipt that contains the due amount can now be printed. Alternatively I can call the following numbers: +30 210 6690500 or +30 210 6690515. The personnel of interkiosk will inform me about the due amount.
  2. My terminal shows the message “call Alphyra”?
    You have reached your weekly transaction limit. If this happens regularly, I call the sales department to increase the limit.
  3. I face a technical problem (i.e. the terminal shows a message “no mac address” or there are only two rolls for printing)?
    I call the technical department (+30 210 7762111) Mon.-Friday 08.00-20.00, Weekends and holidays 09.00-17.00
  4. The tape gets stuck the moment that I am trying to print a card?
    I call the technical department asking to know if there was a charge. In this case the corresponding company will be notified for taking action of canceling the transaction. If a receipt has been issued it must be kept until the credit has arrived.
  5. My terminal starts the update process?
    I leave the update process to finish. I do not unplug or shutdown my terminal because such an action will cancel the update process and may cause a problem to the terminal.
  6. The terminal has been updated?
    There is a case that an intermediate “Z” is printed from the terminal. This amount must be added to the “evening” ‘Z” as it cannot be automatically included.
  7. A client returns a card saying that it is not valid?
    I must NEVER get it back and NEVER return money. I prompt the client to call the customers’ service of the corresponding card provider. Would you accept a defected card?No! The customer may has already made improper use of the card trying to cheat.
  8. They call me by phone introducing themselves as personnel of the technical department and ask me to issue a card requesting me to give the PIN number?
    This is a case of fraud. None belonging to the official personnel of interkiosk will ever ask a PIN number by phone or else. A potential number that may be asked from the technical or sales department is a serial number which cannot activate or bypass the security of the card.